North States 3-in-1 Metal Superyard Pet Pen 6 Panels

Title: White 24" x 30"


"This North States Superyard keeps your little ones contained and safe when in the home, on the beach or at a busy park. Metal construction. Easy setup with rubber pads on bottom to prevent scratching on carpet, tile and hardwood floors. Can be used as a barrier to prevent access of children to a fireplace or be used as a gate enclosure to secure large openings such as an entry way or stairs with included wall mounts.

Features: Double locking system. Includes wall mounts. Six panels. 24"" extension sold separately: NS4931.


  • Width: 37"" to 71""

  • Height: 30""

  • Bar spacing 2.125""

  • Mounting options: free standing

  • Encloses 10 square feet

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