Versele-Laga Nature Hay Bouquet Cornflower

Versele-Laga Nature Hay Bouquet Cornflower

Higgins Premium Pet Foods

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Versele-Laga Nature Hay Bouquets are all natural, non-GMO, bundles of sun-dried timothy hay with flowers and herbs for your furry friend’s enjoyment. Hay Bouquet Cornflower is high in fiber and has dried cornflower, roses, nettle, and chamomile. These grain free bouquets are designed to encourage foraging activity and prevent dietary boredom. Nature Hay Bouquets are also free of artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Why We Love It:

  • All Natural and High in Fiber
  • NON-GMO & Grain Free
  • Designed to provide variety, encourage foraging, and prevent dietary boredom

About Higgins

Higgins Premium Pet Foods is committed to providing companion birds and small animals with the highest quality foods and treats made without the use of artificial colors, preservatives and flavorings. We are strongly dedicated to building and maintaining relationships with pet parents built on trust, by making the complete health and well-being of their pets our primary goal.


Timothy Hay, Cornflower, Roses, Nettle, Chamomile.

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